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Y Litter DOB 14/12/08 - pictures below at 6.6 weeks (1st Jan 2009)
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Nominator (Falk)
Knecht Jezebel (Tess)
Below at 6.6 weeks
Orange collar male
Light Blue collar male
Dark Blue collar male
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Cerise collar female
Pink collar female
White collar female
Orange collar female

End of year report – KELLY Lawson, age 9 months.
Kelly is fantastic……
As a watch dog she is great and is always there to tell me if people are around. She is wary of strangers in neighboring gardens or noises that are different and will growl or bark. She is also wary of scenery settings that look different, i.e. a strangers car parked outside the house, and will stand and stare out of the window and growl or bark.
Socially she is very good. She is not aggressive towards other dogs that she meets on walks; she wags her tail and can’t wait to meet them. One issue we did have with her was she would do the ‘meet and greet’ with another dog-walker and both parties would continue on their way. Then for some unknown reason Kelly would ‘out of the blue’ run off back in the direction of the other dog. To overcome this we keep her interested and directed on the walk ahead and this now seems to be working.
I can now tell from experience when she becomes ‘dizzy’ or ‘tired’ whilst out on a walk and on recognizing this put her back on the lead as if I don’t, her recall to commands can evaporate.
With children she has not met before is ok, but very excited and playful.
A lot of children are quite scared of a large dog so it is more second guessing the child’s response so ensure we are in control of the situation, particularly in our own home. I feel she sees the opportunity to dominate and can ‘jump up’ towards them which in turn can make them squeal which then sends Kelly more jumpy. Once the child has relaxed and is in the house she doesn’t take much notice.
With Tommy it has been a learning curve for both. It is now that I see both of them interacting together with more ‘harmony’. Kelly no longer jumps up and Tommy has the encounter of being able to stroke her without fuss. There is a good bond and Kelly likes to know where he is and often sits with him.
Traffic is not an issue now she walks along busy streets but can become pully on the lead when she is unsure or in different surroundings.
Energy… she has lots, although only just recently I have seen a noticeable change in her growth and seen her mature a lot more. She has recently been in season. She gets good walks every day either on the beach or along cart-tracks, and the woods, plus whenever we are in the house she has the run throughout the front and back gardens (her patrol duties). With this exercise she does relax well in the house. During meal times she will lay on the carpet and chew her blanket and again in the evening when we have the last two hours in front of the TV she will stretch out and fall asleep.
She enjoys the routine and like everything you said, she likes to be close to all of us. She is always in the same room that we are in and follows us everywhere around the house. She sleeps in her basket on the landing between our bedroom and Tommies. She will sleep through the night and wake up as late as 8 or 9 O’clock, (often staying in bed even when someone is up) at which point she will go out and do ‘her business’. On that point, I can honestly say she was marvelous. I can only ever recall her weeing in the house about five times.
Training has been progressive. I take her to puppy classes and it is good.
The main commands I have with her are - sit, down, & stay, for around the house. In the puppy classes both of us are introduced to new commands and through practice at home they become more fluent. One factor I don’t always get with her is ‘eye contact’ or her attention. She does get very easily distracted at the puppy classes and bored sometimes. I think the boredom can come as the sparkle disappears out of my monotone voice and she switches off. To overcome this I use one toy, only for walks and classes that she sees as being fun. The classes can be tiring for both of us! She is very intelligent and I can see this through certain training and she is quick to pick up new things but gets tired of repetition.
Eating… We use the Landywoods raw meat. Kelly is more of a grazer than a ‘woof it all down’ in one go. She is having about 1 to 2 pound of tripe/meat per day and Royal Canin complete. She likes the Royal Canin biscuits in the morning and the meat in the late afternoon, doesn’t seem to like them mixed together. This is supplemented with scraps and bones.
She does not seem to follow a routine with her food and sometimes walks away and leaves the food and on other days she eats it all in one go. Her weight seems OK and she gets the quantity eventually but definitely has more of an appetite in the evening than the morning.
With her toys she does like to dis-member them and pull out the stuffing. We have various toys with missing limbs…. Again like you said she is ‘mouthy’ and she does have strong jaws.
Ps. She also likes camping…burying her bones and forgetting where she has put them and digging big holes in the garden!!!
We’ve attached some photos.

Karen, David, Tommy & Kelly Lawson



Hey Jay,
How are you, I am sorry we have been so busy with one thing or another, can’t wait till Christmas really so we can have a rest!

Well Ras is just doing fine, he pushes the limits from time to time but really he is a lovely dog and everyone comments.
We have done our best to expose him to various animals during his childhood, he is good with most dogs and all people.
He is so loving and friendly. He is so very funny, he pulls all the washing off the line just to get to the pegs, then runs up the garden with them to chew. Robyn is not so pleased that the washing is now dirty though!
He loves to eat anything really, and whilst we give a chew stick to Daisy now and again which lasts perhaps 10 minutes.
Ras swallows most things whole so its gone in a flash, much like his bowl of food.

He loves to play, a little rough with Daisy but is happy to bounce right over her! Really great to watch.
Robyn has taken over the training – she is better at it than I and I have been involved with other issues, however, he is coming along well. Still quite a puller when we walk but it is getting better, he is much worse at the start of the walk.

He just does not like the rain, or even puddles - he will never go in them!
He can run so fast, poor Daisy has no chance to catch him at all. He is not a noisy dog at all, and likes nothing better than to curl up on my feet in front of the fire.
He is so regal when he walks, sits and runs beautiful to watch, we love him to bits.

I would guess he has reached his full height now just needs to fill out a bit?
He is a beautiful dog and we are so pleased we found you.

James & Robyn. Pictures soon.




He has now become a very close part of our family. He has sailed through his Puppy Foundation and Bronze Citizenship Awards for the Kennel Club and is “studying” for his Silver. Everybody who meets him loves him.

As a family we spent the school mid term break on the Isle of Arran, going for huge walks with Cooper and the kids, getting some brilliant photographs and having a great time.


Bailey had a nice day. We got him a bag of new toys (2 of which he broke beyond repair within 5 minutes) & a little birthday cake (which he loved!). How are the rest of the litter getting on?
Bailey's recall is a lot better now (thankyou) & his behavior on the whole is getting better all the time. The only thing he does ATM that is slightly embarrassing is humping other dogs (only males...) but we suspect thats just a hormone thing with his age. Does that sound about right?

Stuart Wilson

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